Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Best SLR camera 2012

August 28, 2013 – 22:31

frontOf all the 2012 Engadget Awards perhaps the most controversial may be the best DSLR the year,given the bloody battle that is taking place between all brands to master this segment.It is logical,considering that is fueling both professional and amateur.

This year there have been reviews for everyone on this new Canon camera,and much of the attention has focused on comparison with its direct competition, the Nikon D800.The benchmarks gave conflicting results.And much of the arguments were very focused on their electronic or sensor.Something has gone nowhere since it finally seems that the two cameras have very similar performance.

But of course,with all the competition selling such high quality products,we have first considered whether any of them (actually,Nikon) could snatch all Canon had gained ground thanks to its concept of price Full Frame DSLR " content ".

5D Mark III ante su competencia Canon EOS 5D Mark III to your competition

5D Mark III es una cámara importante por dos razones: por una parte,es una actualización de la Full Frame más vendida nunca. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera is important for two reasons: firstly,it is an update of the best-selling full frame ever.A new version has taken more than three years in coming,and that all amateur and professional users of Canon were waiting as rain in May.2 Indeed,the 5D Mark II was a revolution,and we wanted continuity.

And the second reason is that it has not disappointed.We can continue this debate forever feeding competition between the 5D Mark III,the Sony A99 or Nikon D800.But Canon has managed,once again,to market a high quality product.A product that unlike his competition has not had to make a third sensor.This is not nonsense,because in these times,a company whose R & D department have the solvency to continue innovating,guarantees future.This camera is a 100% Canon,for better and for worse.

Main strengths

The had the opportunity to test this camera,the first thing that caught my attention is that of a bet of Canon to improve the image quality of the Mark II but adding the versatility of the 7D.To understand what this means,we must remember that Canon built this model by a comprehensive survey of 5, 000 photographers worldwide,in order to discover what the camera you have dreamed,looking reconceive ideas and new opportunities.Take the best of its two flagships and fuse them into a model that gives continuity to one of its major segments,has been a success.


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My film camera is a Canon Elan 7, and I still have 2 (I think) zoom lenses for that, which I think I could use on a digital SLR? I would like to stick with either Canon or Nikon for a digital camera, unless there is another with rave reviews.
I am willing to spend up to about $1,000 if that will get me something I can use to take photos that will (potentially, maybe) be good enough to get exhibited, maybe up to 11 x 14 size

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  • Avatar Monday What is the best digital camera and lenses to purchase for professional looking photography.?
    Aug 01, 2012 by Monday | Posted in Photography

    I am looking for a digital camera and lenses that will give me very professional photographs. What I would like to photograph are objects close up like dew on a leaf and also landscapes. Mountains to be specific. Any hel …n several years since I picked up my camera. All of my cameras still use good old fashioned film and I develop my own black and white photographs. I was looking for brand names and other peoples favorite DIGITAL cameras.

    • The camera is immaterial... the camera is a tool... the "professional" shots come from a photographer who knows what they are doing and hve developed exceptional photography skills...

  • Avatar polecat094 What is a good compact point an shoot digital camera, for casual photography?
    Dec 16, 2012 by polecat094 | Posted in Cameras

    I know that digital cameras have come down in price over the years, an have many more features on them . I am still using a Nikon cool pix 4300, I would like it to have a digital zoom on it of at least 18 or 20 …uring this holiday season in the 200 to 250 price range. An to update my aging Nikon which was a good camera in it's time, but I am sure there is something with more bells an whistles on the market in 2012.

    • Check out this website
      I think you will find it very helpful in deciding what type of camera to get.

      Best of luck,
      Lorie-Lyn Photography

  • Avatar ahh Can you suggest to me a good Canon camera on the market right now that's good for recording concerts?
    Sep 29, 2012 by ahh | Posted in Cameras

    Preferably a digital camera. Thank you!

    • Either an EOS 5D or 1D (any model) along with your Press Pass will do splendidly.

      Without a press pass, no camera remotely capable of doing what you want will be allowed in.

      Take a look at the thousand other times this question has been asked.