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August 28, 2013 – 22:33

Since the 1960s, the gradual rise of wearable computing. In the 1970s, inventor Alan Lewis is equipped with a digital camera to create a functional wearable computer can predict the result of the casino roulette. 1977, Smith-Kettlewell Institute of Visual Sciences of the CC Colin made a vest for the blind, it is the head-mounted camera images obtained through a mesh vest into tactile images, allowing blind people can "see" too See. Wearable computing continue to develop in the 1980s, Steve Mann put into camera equipment can be controlled by a special backpack, adding a head-mounted camera (figure below).

It can be said Steve Mann is a wearable device first. In the 1970s, when the computer is also accounted for a large room, wireless LAN, mobile handsets are not the shadow of the time, he will have a wearable mobile device idea. Every day he took those weird helmet, wire walking around in the street, passers-by when not being crazy strange. But because of this, he is perhaps the world's computing devices will "wear" on the body time to most people. Now, social awareness has gradually caught up with Mann's footsteps, such as Google glass, apple watches.

Steve Mann is now a University of Toronto professor of computer engineering

Recently, however, the first person to wear the device for today's equipment raised the question: "wearable computing devices for the current development, I feel quite complex. On the one hand, I am pleased that the world is now more and more people are discovering its value. On the other hand, I worry that Google and some other companies overlooked some important lessons. Their design makes the decision difficult for other people to use their systems. Even worse is that this aspect of the problem if the product design, is likely to harm the user's eyesight. Once these situations occur and be exposed, people will be greatly reduced reliability of this technology. "Steve Mann expressed.

This is absolutely not alarmist, found through experiments, for such distortions were compared (eg upside down or reversed left to right) the human brain needs a period of adaptation is actually quite short. However, once the brain habits, and want to correct them, and we need a long time.

Google Glass current prototype is the camera on the user's right. It is only through the camera in front of the user's eye playing the video? If it is, the above problems will certainly arise. Perhaps Google has been aware of this problem, does not add games. But who can guarantee which the developer would not be so dry it?

One thing that consumers will want to come to a decent screen to view video content. In this case, the smart phone may be cheaper "stupid screen" replaced. It is found that this demand, Steve Jobs introduced the history of the most successful "stupid screen" iPad tablet. Although the iPad is very thin and light, can seem kind of "stupid screen 'and wearable equipment requirements are still very different. After all, shaking on the subway to get iPad is not always comfortable, especially for fragile wrist female consumers.

Of course, in this direction, there are also wearable equipment businesses in efforts such as kickstarter on trego (seemingly kickstarter is wearable devices blessed the famous pebble) and Padroo, apparently both directions are possible to make iPad users to get rid of environmental constraints, hands free. While listening to the whimsical, but they actually are achieved, and Padroo two products look more natural, unobtrusive wearable devices meet the criteria, while adapting to broader. Of course, we should not forget the pioneers, the same kickstarter project: iWorm, though failed, but the first step towards a bold attempt.

Source: it.big5.enorth.com.cn

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