Cheap is chic: Carpe Diem with Sony!

November 12, 2012 – 00:00

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By now most of us live in symbiosis with the magical boxes capturing images, whether they are mobile phones with camera lens (see my case, Sony Xperia S thanks to exist), compact superfashion colors more bizarre or, for the more professional , showy Reflex to always keep their necks.
For those who can no longer do without it, here's the big news coming from the world of Sony digital cameras : 4 innovative models, which share a revolutionary technology: the SLT, which stands for Single Lens Translucent.
They are equipped with mirror inside an integral part of all SLR cameras but add to this a feature: transparency, which lets in the most light to the sensor reflecting a portion to the autofocus sensor and allowing a focus much faster than normal . Thanks all'SLT the new Sony cameras allow us to seize the moment, to capture the magic of a special moment with just one click. Yes, because we reward once but our Sony captures from 7 to 12 frames per second depending on the model chosen.
Sony Handycam ® Personally, I fell in love with SLT-A57, a fair compromise between the most compact of the group (SLT-A37) and the model SLT-A77 with its 24mpx and holds the scepter of queen of queens.
My pupil, the SLT-A57, incorporates some of the features of high-end Sony cameras with a competitive price.
E 'equipped with a CMOS sensor Exmor ™ APS HD 16.1 mpx, and able to capture up to 12fps with autofocus, turns out to be the right balance between quality and price. Dedicated to those who would like to ask more with your camera but without demanding professional performance. To people like me who would like to be able to capture your subject at the right time. I wish I could press the key with security as if it were a trigger and be sure you have pointed well and be able to hit the target and do not find myself looking at the screen with a disconsolate air to have failed. Among the most interesting features then the ability to record Full HD video with a resolution of 1920x1080 with a continuous focus of moving subjects. It 'also provided an Xtra Fine LCD screen adjustable from 3 "rotating screen to allow you to experience every possible angle.

Fashion bloggers to listen to equip yourself with the aforementioned Sony, Please!
I just say to those of you who, despite ending up in the front row of fashion shows most sought-after season their articles with photo blurry and poorly framed. I'm tired of reading excuses like "forgive me if the picture is moved but the models on the catwalk had reached the speed of light and I could not catch the right time" or "I was beside Anna Dello Russo who kept elbowing me to ask me if his body was better or worse than this or that model. "
My dear fashion bloggers equip yourself with one of these Sony and you will not have this kind of problems, I promise!
And you, not fashion bloggers who read this post, as you would use the new Sony? Would you take as guinea pigs every kind of living thing moving at your goal and you would begin to shoot as if there was no tomorrow? I ask because I would do this and more!


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Edisons inventions are still used to this day

The 35mm film format was developed and produced at an experimental scale in Thomas A. Edison's laboratory in New Jersey by splitting 70mm roll film. Edison compiled his caveat for the double perforated cine film in the fall of 1889, describing it as a double perforated long band passing from one reel to another, driven by two sprocket wheels. The film was obtained from the Eastman Dry Plate and film Company in Rochester, NY. However, it took several years to become a regular Kodak product.
The cine film was cheap and unused short cut-off bits would certainly be available early on for use in small cameras which were easily portable in comparison the common large-format plate cameras of the time

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  • Avatar Noah I am looking for a cheap digital camera. What are the best ones?
    May 31, 2013 by Noah | Posted in Cameras

    I would like to buy a cheap digital camera for less than £50, what sort of features should I be looking for? Could you recommend one in particular?

    • Don't know how much US dollars are f50. But if it's less than $100- look for a Canon point and shoot that has at least an image stabilizer feature.It may help when You shoot blurry shots. You must keep camera very steady …er helps.
      Do not buy GE, Kodak, Vivitar, Sanyo Ben Q or Lomo brand cameras.
      PS- When shooting in dim light always use flash or you will get blurry photo. Flash would probably go out 10 to 13 feet from camera.

  • Avatar Lizie Know any websites where i can buy a cheap digital camera?
    Jun 11, 2007 by Lizie | Posted in Cameras

    I'm looking to buy either a Fujifilm Finepix A610 or A700 digital camera, and was wondering if anyone knows of a website (preferably UK) where i could buy one from for a cheap price. Also, if you know of any websites where i can get cheap memory cards, that would be great! Thanks

    • In uk i dont know but,, I always shop on;

      and the mother of all
      the memory cards. go to ebay. they have the best memory cards for like 20.00 including shipping new. ive bought xd's sd's mmc's and most recently the sony pro duo for like 18.00 and it was a 1gb