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Meet 5 tablets alternative dubious quality

August 28, 2013 – 22:36

Buena calidad cámaras fotográficas de digital precio barato 3x

A cheap tablet is attractive, certainly. Bring all possible consumption of content that the device provides, without the need to pay out a high value. But sometimes it is more worthwhile to save a little more money to get a device with a bit more quality, and it will not be a headache later.

Here at Digital Look, we usually give tips on good and cheap devices for those looking for electronics that fit the budget. This time we will do the opposite, giving tips so you do not fall into some pierced.

Meet some of the devices that are not worth it:

Tablet Tekpix
We opened an exception right away to talk about something overly expensive. Who ever turned on the TV to follow some program encountered an advertiser excited announcing a product line Tekpix? Do not let the parceling out of sight and rush presenter fool you about the product.

However, its price does not quite live up to its modest specs. By R $ 3, 500 in cash, the unit is the most expensive in Brazil. This for a 7-inch tablet with a resolution of 800x480 with back camera 2 megapixel and front 0.3 MP, Telechips 8923 processor with 1.2 GHz clock, 512 MB of RAM running version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich ) of Android.

The 4th generation iPad more expensive, with 64 GB and 3G connection costs U.S. $ 2, 500, for example, £ 1000 less than the tablet Tekpix.

However, he even has some nifty features. The i-model TVWF7X, "top line" of the company, is the attractive possibility of using GPS without internet, which can be a lifesaver in certain moments, and supports digital TV, great for those who want to follow the novel or some football game away from home.

Foston Pad 7
Going for the cheapest tablets, the Foston Pad (FS-M786) is an example of which is not always worth saving when buying your electronics. For values ​​between R $ 200 and R $ 300, you can get the 7-inch device.

However, from this moment, are just headaches. Its resistive screen is not ideal for use on tablets, so hinder its use. Its design also thick and heavy constitution will not please users more aware of this type of features.

In a matter of processing, the tablet offers just enough to surf the internet. Do not expect to run games or heavier applications that require processing power as the single-core processor 1 GHz with 256 MB memory. At least it runs version 2.3 of Android (Gingerbread), which, although outdated, is a bit lighter than its successors.

Positive YPY 10FTB
Who prefers a larger tablet, you might consider purchasing a Positive, with a 9.7 inch screen, but may be making a mistake. Starting with the fact that the device, found in official dealers for £ 1300, is in the price range of other more powerful devices like the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung, or iPad 2, if you give up 3G. In others, but you can find it for £ 1000, which is already more fair.

Source: olhardigital.uol.com.br

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  • Avatar Noah I am looking for a cheap digital camera. What are the best ones?
    May 31, 2013 by Noah | Posted in Cameras

    I would like to buy a cheap digital camera for less than £50, what sort of features should I be looking for? Could you recommend one in particular?

    • Don't know how much US dollars are f50. But if it's less than $100- look for a Canon point and shoot that has at least an image stabilizer feature.It may help when You shoot blurry shots. You must keep camera very steady …er helps.
      Do not buy GE, Kodak, Vivitar, Sanyo Ben Q or Lomo brand cameras.
      PS- When shooting in dim light always use flash or you will get blurry photo. Flash would probably go out 10 to 13 feet from camera.

  • Avatar Lizie Know any websites where i can buy a cheap digital camera?
    Jun 11, 2007 by Lizie | Posted in Cameras

    I'm looking to buy either a Fujifilm Finepix A610 or A700 digital camera, and was wondering if anyone knows of a website (preferably UK) where i could buy one from for a cheap price. Also, if you know of any websites where i can get cheap memory cards, that would be great! Thanks

    • In uk i dont know but,, I always shop on;

      and the mother of all
      the memory cards. go to ebay. they have the best memory cards for like 20.00 including shipping new. ive bought xd's sd's mmc's and most recently the sony pro duo for like 18.00 and it was a 1gb