Magic Lantern and perfect allies CHDK on your camera Canon

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magic lanternby adrian · August 15,2012

Magic Lantern and CHDK perfect allies of your Canon camera .

Turn your Canon compact camera and a Canon SLR camera on a camera most comprehensive and highest range,with alternative firmware CHDK in compact cameras and the SLR cameras the Magic Lantern.

Alternative Firmware for your compact or SLR Canon

The firmware is the operating system for which it uses your camera .Is receiving orders depending on the buttons you press and makes capturing images ,recording on the card ,etc..

What if you could add features to your camera that are only available in the newest version or more expensive?magic lanter menu How about if you could do it for free?That one is the alternative firmware .For if not for a full replacement firmware,ie have no new or different interface,but a small plugin that is installed on your current firmware, without making any changes to your camera .There are two alternatives: CHDK and Magic Lantern

For Canon compact cameras :

CHDK means Canon Hack Development Kit and converts any Canon compact in a small Swiss Army knife.Even if you have a camera of the line G,there are still options for you.The list of features added CHDK on your camera is almost endless,but the most interesting are:

Ability to shoot in RAW
Full control of aperture and shutter speed (however much or not your camera has manual mode)
Motion detection (for example,shooting the passage of a bird)
Shutter up to 30 minutes or 1/60,000 with flash sync
The list is endless continuous and also because in addition to all this,CHDK lets you create small scripts (steps) so you can set your camera to perform certain processes with a few lines of code.The list of supported cameras cover almost all the Canon line.

CHDK ,the Canon Hack Development Kit is an alternative firmware for some of the compact cameras and Canon bridge type that adds many interesting features such as the ability to save pictures in RAW / DNG ,to keep quality the JPEG compression and to make ourselves the "revealed" the "digital negative"; bracketing function or bracketing ,to create HDR images ,for example,zebra mode,to see the over-or underexposed areas of the picture in real time detection motion,real-time histogram,battery level,execute scripts,... and more.

Want to try?Well install is very simple,especially making use of the program cardtricks :

We downloaded the latest version of cardtricks from their website,unzip the file and run the program


We selected our SD card into the program and click the button "Format as FAT" to format the card (obviously lose data) and create an empty file ver.req,need to know the firmware version using our camera
We introduce the SD card in the camera ,turn it on in playback mode and press the Set + Display to check the firmware version that uses
Press the button "Download CHDK" of cardtricks ,which will open the download page CHDK in the default browser.We downloaded the version for our camera and firmware
Press the button "CHDK -> Card" and select the downloaded file to cardtricks unzip it at the root of the card
If we want to load CHDK to turn the camera select the "Make Bootable".It will also be necessary to slide the side tab to activate the write protection.Otherwise,we will have to update the firmware on the camera every time you want to use the features of CHDK ,turning on the camera in playback mode,pressing the Menu button and selecting Update Firm

CardTrick- magic lantern EOScard Android-ML


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