The Olympus tips for choosing your first digital camera

May 22, 2013 – 00:00

Thinking of those looking to buy your first digital camera, or for those who want a change of equipment, Olympus provides some simple things to consider before buying:

  • Type of photography. Choose the equipment that best suits your lifestyle. We must define what type of photography you want to take, for example, family, children, landscapes, pets, etc.., And basically where you will take the photos.
  • Model suitable. Because there rugged cameras, sophisticated, waterproof other and some cutting-edge features. If this is your first digital camera, it is best not to complicate and think of something practical, like a compact that is easy to carry and simple to use.
  • Image Quality. Whether you are a novice user, it is best that you choose a machine with a 12 mega pixel resolution, being sufficient to obtain desirable results in a print of 45 x 60 cm. The amount of pixels not only the Photo quality but the size that can enlarge and print the photo.
  • Approach capacity. Equipment is recommended a minimum of 5x optical zoom to get a realistic approach to the subject or object to be photographed and higher quality images.
  • Durability. Today there photographic equipment resistant to shock, water, freeze or pressure in a super compact body aesthetic. Choose something practical for your winter or summer vacation.
  • Video. Some models of digital video camera recorded. The important thing is to conveniently view the video from another larger screen. It is suggested that at least 720i recording, this means that it has 720 horizontal lines of quality sufficient to enjoy an LCD and LED display. If you are looking for high definition (HD) will need a team that offers 1080i recording.
  • Storage System: One of the primary factors for the photographic equipment is running fast memory card. The storage capacities ranging from 2GB up to 128Gb, ​​but it is important to check the compatibility of the camera as some only support 64Gb.
  • Visibility. Finally, the team should have a screen of at least 2.7 inches and a protective layer that helps reduce glare for optimal visibility.

With this little guide you'll be able to choose which camera that best accommodate your needs. Success in buying!




FUJIFILM Fujifilm S4500 Compact Digital Camera
Photography (FUJIFILM)
  • 3-inch LCD display
  • High Quality Fujinon 30x Optical Zoom Lens
  • 14MP CCD
  • 720p HD Movies
  • 4-AA Batteries

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FUJIFILM Fujifilm XP170 Compact Digital Camera with 5xOptical Zoom Lens - Orange
Photography (FUJIFILM)
  • 14MP CMOS
  • High Quality Fujinon 5x Optical Zoom Lens
  • 4-Proof Protection: Waterproof 33 , Shockproof 6.5 , Freezeproof 14*, Dustproof
  • Full HD Movies
  • Innovative Wireless Image Transfer function

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