Digital camera models for children

August 28, 2013 – 22:31

fotocamera bambini fisher price And if our child or our child had an innate talent for photography and we are not noticing? Maybe would come out the same, over time, as the photograph will meet along the way .... or we could give him / her a great digital camera for kids to focus on the fate of his great photographer!

The child, in this way, not only can familiarize yourself with the instrument, but with his camera will begin right away, first along with mom and dad but then more and more autonomous, to train his eye to the most beautiful scenery that can happen to a "snap shot". So, click after click, its ability to focus on the scenes and details will result in one of the great passions of his life.

Many cameras for kids

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The digital camera models for children are many: there is a kids camera of Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Barbie and many others. The price ranges from 30 to 100 euro, and varies according to the specific technical characteristics of the individual piece. There are cameras for children more oriented towards the toy, which possess a minimum zoom capability and are able to carry photos up to 2 megapixels, and those instead more series, suitable for children a bit 'larger and more "practical, that do not have much to envy models (basic adult photos up to 10 megapixels). The former have a more durable, better to cushion the shocks caused by falling, while the second type of camera for children are more delicate and must be handled with care, why require an owner more "responsible" .

For the cheapest camera for children, click here!


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Some thoughts ...

I am looking for a semipro digital camera and here are some of the things I am looking at:
- Lense system quality - no matter how good the sensor, if the lense isn't top rate, the picture will be imperfect. Note a zoom lense requires motion stabilization. This is the same primary criteria that film cameras have.
- A large and sensitive image sensor with good low light characteristics but broad light level range.
- a good image processor with excellent compression algorithms.
- A decent size image sensor [more than 6 MP].
- of course there are also the ergonomic factors

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  • Avatar tonye d Can someone please tell me of a digital camera that is kid friendly?
    May 05, 2013 by tonye d | Posted in Cameras

    My son will be 3 in June and believe it or not is a great photographer with my Iphone. I need one that is not only kid friendly but waterproof, shockproof, and has rechargeable batteries. I have looked at the digital cam …dvice as to which would be best. I wish I could attach a picture that he has taken so you can see what I mean about his photography. I have had photographers on Facebook fall in love with pics he has taken. Please help!!

    • You can go with anything from a Lego camera :

      a waterproof/drop proof ruggedized camera:

      is a video that should convince you about kid-proof cameras. Although it is made by Olympus, all of the … This "kid-proof" video shows kids being rough with the cameras, throwing them into water, hammering on them, stomping them - everything kids seem to do...

      here is an inexpensive one from Olympus:

  • Avatar hannah_katherine93 What is a GREAT digital camera for kids?
    Jun 30, 2009 by hannah_katherine93 | Posted in Cameras

    I am looking for a kids digital camera that has good reviews, great quality and takes great pictures. i would like to be able to buy it at places like target, walmart, etc


    • A lot of these are good for kids. They are well priced and take quality pics. Anything over 5 mp will be a good quality picture. these are also built to take a little abuse and the price is goo so you wont be upset if it breaks.