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August 28, 2013 – 22:31

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Digital video cameras are devices that allow you to record movies in high quality and for all target consumers.From compact and ideal for simple video then share online social networks to professional up to size 4kHD going from 3D models and three-dimensional hybrid ones that can also capture great pictures as well as videos.Sony AS15: Evidence of micro Actioncam Full HD [PHOTOS and VIDEO] Here's the page with all the technical data sheets and characteristics of the models,views and reviews with pros and cons with the selling prices of the most famous brands.Looxcie HD,the new mini-camcorder Full HD

The Panasonic HX-WA3 is a compact digital camera ideal for use in any ...

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Canon Legria HF G30: ideal for videographers [PHOTOS] Canon has introduced the digital camera called the Canon Legria HF G30 that can be considered truly one of the most attractive for fans film-makers and film makers who are looking for a tool that can provide semi-professional results in a compact body,with the possibility of expansion ...

Sony AS15: Evidence of micro Actioncam Full HD [PHOTOS and VIDEO] Sony AS15 is one of the smallest and lightest Actioncam (sports cameras) with support for Full HD output on the market and is the protagonist of our video review today.Although he is perfectly hidden in a closed fist,includes advanced features such as super slow motion at 120 ...

Looxcie HD,the new mini-camcorder Full HD If you like sports or do you need to shoot video while keeping your hands free,then this Looxcie HD is a mini-camera that will ensure easy handling,practicality and a final result really high quality video.Looxcie video cameras are often described as the excellent ...

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Canon Legria HF G30: ideal for videographers [PHOTOS]


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  • Macro camera lens with 170-Deg diagonal wide viewing, 120-Deg up and down tiltable, allows you to adjust it to best shooting angle;
  • Built-in grid lines as a trapezoid electronic ruler, 3ft measured by every interval, keeps you much more secure while reversing;
  • Mounts easily on the license plate with the existing screws, ideal for most vehicles that use a standard U.S. or Canada license plate.

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  • Avatar Alicia What camera is best for my situation?
    Dec 11, 2012 by Alicia | Posted in Cameras

    My husband and I are missionaries going to the Congo in Africa (jungle) for the next few years. I am looking for a water resistant, shock resistant camera (very humid environment). I need one that will focus on close ups …t focus on close objects and it is not water resistant. The camera will also need to be able to use a memory card so I can email pictures of my daughter back home to the states. Bonus points if it records videos as well.

    • I don't know why Jim A continues to tell people that there's no such thing as a shock resistant camera. Just search for "shockproof camera" on Amazon. There's dozens of them!

      Try the Panasonic DM …e with a Digital SLR camera with dedicated macro lens - and that isn't cheap.

      Often the best macro shots are obtained by deliberately throwing everything completely out of focus except for the main object.

  • Avatar Kippy Can you list at least three good photo cameras?
    Jan 07, 2012 by Kippy | Posted in Cameras

    I would love to have a high-quality camera. Can you suggest at least three for me?

    The first should be as good as possible, no considering price.
    The second should be as good as I can possibly get without it getting too absurdly expensive. I'd say a $500 limit, absolutely no higher and preferred to be lower.
    And the third should be in between.

    Thanks in advance and best answer up for grabs.

    • As good as possible, with no price limit? Drool over the Nikon D4.
      $500? You'll have to get a refurbished DSLR or a discontinued model, like the D3000. Here's a factory refurbished D3100 for $500, with free shipping.
      a review:
      in the middle is the excellent Nikon D7000, that goes for about $1400, with lens.