Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS, the underwater camera

August 28, 2013 – 22:32

Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS, the underwater camera perfect for the holidays

Every year at this time a fixed idea started hammering the minds of Italians: the summer holidays. Who does not want to give up a few weeks under the umbrella will stand surely scrambling to find the best deals, and photo enthusiasts will be looking for the right model of camera to take to the sea, perhaps to capture some underwater creature during a dive in our beautiful waters.

The ideal solution for all lovers of photography comes from Olympus , thanks to the Tough TG-1 iHS. This new model has not yet been officially announced by the company, but the website BestBuy has inadvertently posted some pictures and data sheet. The page was promptly removed, but in the meantime the details of the camera are finished in a number of specialized sites. How to resist a closer look?

This camera model uses a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor (size 1/2.3) capable of taking pictures at a resolution of 3968 × 2976 pixels. The image shows an optical zoom lens capable of up to 4x and excellent brightness levels (f/2-4.9), especially considering that it is a pocket-sized device.

The 3-inch OLED screen will have all the information under control while shooting, while for the video you can record movies in Full HD (1080p).

The maximum sensitivity of up to ISO 6400, a very high value for a camera "rugged", that is resistant to extreme conditions. In this regard, we stress that the new Tough TG-1 iHS can withstand being dropped from a height of 2 meters and dive up to 12 meters.

To conclude the overview report the presence of a 3 fps burst mode and a GPS module, useful for geographically locate the position of their shots.

All of these features from high-end camera, however, also reflected on the price, amounting to $ 399.99, just over 300 euro. Better start saving!

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Source: news.vodafone.it

Big Mike's Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS TG-2 iHS SH-50 iHS Digital Camera Battery & Battery Charger Kit Includes - Qty 2 LI-90B Replacement Batteries + AC/DC Battery Charger + LCD Screen Protectors + Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
Photography (Big Mike's)
  • LI90B LI-90B Li-ion Battery for Olympus Tough TG1 iHS TG-2 iHS SH-50 iHS Digital Camera
  • Battery Specifications - Energy Storage Capacity: 1500mAh /Voltage: 3.6 volts, Chemistry: Li-ion
  • 100% Memory Free Super Long Time Recording
  • Battery has a one-year warranty
  • Includes Qty 2 LI-90B 1500mah Batteries + Rapid AC/DC Battery Charger + LCD Screen Protectors + Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

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Olympus TG-1 ukázkové video

I'm just using an Olympus D-380 digital

So there's no film and no lenses for this one. I have to watch the light as this camera loves the light and doesn't do real well with dog faces that are shaded. That is very frustrating. There's no optical zoom (I don't like the quality of the digital zoom) so I really have to get in their faces for closeups. That's okay with me because it's pretty fun to be that close. But I really want one with an 8x or 10x optical zoom so I can get some shots that I am missing now.
I think this camera is fantastic for the money. It cost me about $200 and I think you can get it for less now.

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Jonathan Blaustein is the photographer behind the project “The Value of a Dollar“, which went viral on the Internet in 2010 and then was subsequently acquired by the State of New Mexico and the Library of Congress. Visit his website here.

Olympus Olympus TG-1iHS 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom
Photography (Olympus)
  • 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS Sensor with Full HD Video with HDMI, Multi-Motion Movie IS
  • Waterproof (12m/40 ft), Shockproof (2m/6.6 ft) and Freezeproof (-10°C/14°F)
  • 8x Super-Resolution Zoom and F2.0 Hi-Speed Lens and 4x Optical Zoom,Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.0 Inches
  • iHS Technology, Dual image stabilization
  • GPS & eCompass, Color : Dark silver
  • Crushproof 220 lbf.
  • 3.0-Inch screen and 610k OLED

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  • Avatar Lauren What is the best camera for indoor/outdoor concerts?
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    I looking for an affordable camera for indoor/outdoor concerts. A camera that can handle major and minor zoom without getting blurry. The brand doesn't matter as long as the pictures come out great; not for professional use.

    • It is really interesting to notice how cameras have evolved over the years. As a kid, I distinctly remember how flabbergasted I was, when told that the funny-looking thing propped up on a tripod in the Charlie Chaplin fi … have some very good reasons for adopting a full-frame workflow, Panasonic Lumix TS20, Fujifilm XP50, Olympus TG-820 iHS this is the best choice.
      So i think my answer may solve your purpose. wish you best of luck.

  • Avatar Adriana Where to buy water camera in Singapore?
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    My brother can't seems to find a water camera in Singapore. If there is a water camera in singapore tell me where can I find and which brand?

    • I think there are several camera stores in Sim Lim Square. I don't know exactly who has what. When I visited Singapore in 2003 I got my film developed somewhere in there.

      Probably some of the best waterproof digital cameras are the Panasonic TS4, Canon D20, or Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS.