Sony Digital Cameras 2012

New Sony cameras 2012

August 28, 2013 – 22:31

The Sony RX100 Digital Camera Review. The best pocket digital

Camera Sony Alpha SLT-A99: Results in each image: what professionals delight the most demanding photography. The full frame and Translucent Mirror Technology Technology Sony Alpha 99 sensor offer more details, colors and shades, to pass the most difficult decision for. Unique in the world, the dual autofocus with AF-D can easily achieve focus on the fast-moving subjects thanks to its advanced detection phase 19 points and sensor focal point. Control ranges autofocus reduces blur in the background. Thus, the faces in the crowd and cars at full speed have the same sharpness.

Sony NEX-6

Dennis Hissink: 2012-09-12 4:30:00 p.m.
Compact camera Sony NEX-6: The new Sony NEX-6 is a quality SLR camera that you can take anywhere. Digital SLR camera in your pocket. The Sony NEX-6 has a large 16.1 MP APS-C sensor, and functions of a digital SLR like the OLED viewfinder and basic commands. In addition, with Wi-Fi, you can connect to other devices such as a smartphone or tablet, share images or download applications. Do not let any escape fleeting moment with the new technology put the hybrid auto focus designed to freeze fast action. It as fast as that of a digital SLR system was designed so that you do not miss a spontaneous shot. Camera with interchangeable lenses Sony NEX-5R: Concentrated high-end technology, design and compactness, here is the new compact interchangeable Sony NEX-5R photo lenses. With its large image sensor, the ability to change lenses to suit his desires, this hybrid device (without a mirror) offers the image quality of a digital SLR for a compact and light weight. Real qualitative leap for novice photographers accustomed to the traditional compact cameras, the Sony NEX-5R is also an excellent second housing for discerning photographers and experts, and to all those traveling or weekend, do not want to compromise on image quality and functionality of shooting. Camera Sony NEX-F3 Camera: Like the other models in the compact NEX range, the new Sony NEX-F3 is an ideal device for those who want to easily take pictures, but also emphasize the use of interchangeable lenses and quality that usually gives them a DSLR. The Exmor HD CMOS sensor APS-C with 16.1 megapixels and enhanced BIONZ processor at the heart of the new device from Sony. They assure him a high reactivity and optimal signal processing. With a wide range of sensitivity to ISO 100 to 16, 000, it is able to take pictures with almost no noise, even in low light without flash. The Sony NEX-F3 allows as well to record video in AVCHD format with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 50i or 25p. Camera Sony Alpha 37: The new Alpha SLT-A37 from Sony is ideal for those who wish to take an active part in the composition of their images and not just press the shutter button. This unit stands out as a perfect companion for photo enthusiasts advised that, while already having good experience of creative photography, are not ready to dispense altogether with intelligent automatic functions. The Exmor HD CMOS sensor APS-C with 16.1 megapixels and BIONZ processor improved treatment have already been proven in other high-end SLT devices and offer the same high image quality of the new Sony Alpha 37. Camera Sony CyberShot RX100: Over the sensor, the better the image quality. Okay, other determinants influence the potential of a device at this level. But still more important is the ability of the sensor with the help of the processor to turn the light it receives high resolution pictures rich in detail. And here we can say that "bigger is the better." For this reason, the new Sony CyberShot model with a large format sensor and an excellent Carl Zeiss lens. Thus, the Sony CyberShot RX100 combines the best of both worlds: the size of a compact and the qualities of a reflex mirror and a semi-transparent system technology. Sony MHS-TS22 Bloggie Sport: Between festivals, concerts, moments of entertainment and holiday adventure, the new model MHS-TS22 Bloggie Sport Sony aspires to action. You can now shoot videos in Full HD and detailed snapshots with a single button! The latest range of HD even withstand water, dust, sand and shocks. The Sony Bloggie Sport offers a surprisingly simple and fun to use, regardless of the circumstances. Hold the camera with one hand in portrait or landscape position: the display screen automatically orients itself so that you can enjoy your photos easily from any angle. DSLR Sony A57: Do not be too expensive, offer multiple functions and ensure the best possible image quality: This is how many ambitious photographers imagine ideal device. With the Sony Alpha 57, Sony Alpha expands its range and fully satisfied the expectations. While sometimes extremely fast and it is therefore not always easy to capture the decisive moment. The Sony SLT-A57 is very valuable this regard because it can capture up to twelve frames per second, perfectly developed. The ultra-responsive, he has the technology to semi-transparent mirror that directs incoming light simultaneously to the CMOS sensor and the AF sensor.


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I’m looking at 2 cameras but have no idea what

I’m doing. Is there someone here who would be willing to help me? Is there something on the Sony that is not on the Fuji that I will be sorry if I don't have it? I don't understand all the terminology. Thanks for reading.
These are the 2 cameras:
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