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August 28, 2013 – 22:32

Sony NEX-7 - IFA 2011: Sony NEX-7 Digital Camera Pictured - Softpedia

Both models of digital cameras compact, as with prosumer cameras and professional , the Nikon is one of the first to be remembered, and the fame is not for nothing.

Compared in quality between photos of DSLR cameras, or professional, with compact digital cameras, at the time of purchase, the impulse is to want a camera or semi professional. However, this decision should take into account other points. Digital equipment has evolved a lot and not fall short, so if your goal is to buy a camera for home use, and especially if you do not have much knowledge of photography, a compact camera surely will not disappoint you. An interesting feature of some cameras simplest is the ability to take 3D photos. The third dimension of the photos is seen when the camera is connected to a high definition TV .

The more elaborate models allow manual focus control or automatic, built-in flash and fitting for auxiliary flash , HD-quality photos and videos and different levels of focus points. A variety of Nikon lenses is huge, with models like the zoom lens, which gives the user greater mobility and flexibility, since a single lens can be used for various styles of different photos. Already fixed lenses, such as wide angle or normal are indicated for those who have to use well defined or are experts in a genre of photography and therefore the variety of lens would become unnecessary.

The best tip is to think of using the camera! If you have knowledge to enjoy all the features of a DSLR camera, surely this is the best option. However, if you are a beginner in the world photographic, digital camera easier is a great option. But regardless of the use, the fact is that with a Nikon your pictures will look amazing.

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Advice on Digital Camera

Hi, I am looking to purchase my first digital camera and have done some research and have come up with 3 so far with good reviews.
Made from Sony, they are Sony Cybershot Models:
Does anyone have any experience with these cameras(good picture quality, etc.)
Or can anyone offer any other advice on other cameras that could be better.

Cooperation Wins Out Over Confrontation in the ILC Market  — PetaPixel
While seeking a low-cost way to enter the consumer market, Hasselblad chose to adapt existing Sony cameras rather than spending large amounts of time and capital to innovate their own line of consumer grade cameras.

Sony Alpha 3000 announced  — What Digital Camera
.. Sony's Compact System Camera (CSC) E-mount design. In essence then, this new camera is a NEX CSC with a built in viewfinder that's been styled to look like a DSLR, rather than the more compact offerings we've seen such as the NEX-6 or NEX-7.

Cengage Learning PTR David Busch's Sony Alpha NEX-7 Guide to Digital Photography
Book (Cengage Learning PTR)

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