Affordable Options for underwater photos

August 28, 2013 – 22:32

Aquatic Photo 1With the onslaught of new compact cameras submersible,looks like the pictures under water in the pool,the beach,etc..,Are more fashionable than ever.Moreover holidays and high temperatures.

Not talking about underwater photography,for which you need a professional team rather high price,but those photos informal shallow if you think they may be good pictures besides good summer memories.Want to sign up to this refreshing trend?

You have several options to make this type of pictures,all depends on the purpose you are looking for.

  • If you plan only occasional use or for fun, you can use a waterproof disposable camera.They are easy to find,cheap,and although the results are not the best,can surprise you in some cases,or serve as a first approach to underwater photography.With them will be essential to have a good light.
  • There are also non-disposable underwater film cameras,how it ,for $ 15 (about 11, 60 euros,excluding postage).
  • You may already be possessed or you're considering buying one of those nice compact subs that are populating the market .If however you plan to buy a compact camera,the option that is waterproof is very appealing,especially now in summer.
  • Finally,we can also choose to purchase a waterproof cover both our compact and for our SLR.EBay can be found easily,or in specialty stores.Brand Aquapac specializing in this type of cases,sells from its website in Spanish and also provides information on physical outlets.The watertight cover the SLR out substantially cheaper than a shell,but it seems to me that we ought rather to dive with parameters already set,because what is accessibility to buttons,do not see too much ...

These are the most economical and will serve well for our purpose,although they have their limitations and can not do technically perfect photos.

If you want something more professional,underwater housings will be the best option,but are substantially more expensive and are more directed at underwater photography.To give you an idea,the compact camera housings cheaper around 200 or 300 euros,although prices can go much depending on the model.The same is true for DSLR housings,which can be found from the 1200 euros.

Aquatic Photo 2 Aquatic Photo 3


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We got this camera today for our DD who

Wanted a waterproof camera.
It has crappy reviews on Amazon but she loved it! The guy at Best Buy gave it to us for $125 (was $180) because we were buying another camera.
Anyhow, if your kid loves to take pics and wants to take underwater pictures, we got some GREAT shots in the pool today and we were really happy with the color and clarity of the pictures.

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  • Avatar Bill D What kind of scuba/underwater digital camera should I buy for a trip to Key West?
    Oct 12, 2008 by Bill D | Posted in Swimming & Diving

    I am going scuba diving next month and want to buy an underwater digital camera. Any suggestions? I have no experience with taking underwater photos so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • If you have a point and shoot, many companies make watertight housings for that, and they are pretty cheap compared to the dslr housings. there are even universal bags with a lens port to use that are decent. if you have the money and want to continue this hobby (which can be very rewarding and profitable) look at sea and sea brands. they have great gear and decent prices. good luck.