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August 28, 2013 – 22:30

Seashell SS 1 Waterproof 40M 130ft Underwater Camera Housing Case

advice for Buying Underwater Digital Camera Olympus

27 July 2011, 18:03

Hello to all!

I need some advice ....

In terms of purchases are always super indecisive imagine to buy my first underwater camera! ....

I state that, at least for the moment, I do not dive, I stop for snorkeling and I would buy a compact camera but do decent pictures ... I say this because last year I went for the first time in the Red Sea (Marsa Alam) and I made the biggest bullshit I could never make: I bought an underwater camera roll with very little expense (€ 13) at Decathlon under the illusion of take pictures of fish ... I do not comment on the result .... I'm still eating your hands! As a result of this error I decided that (despite not go this summer in the Red Sea) now is the right time to invest some money but looking at the data sheets on the site I do not know which one to choose between two models, the Olympus TOUGH TG-810 or -8010 (actually even considered the GT-610!) then I ask you to give me a hand ....

If someone tell me if these cameras are easy to use (not so much as seen programs that already use an SLR Olympus so I guess the difference is not too much ... but as a practical underwater), and if the results are satisfactory .. . in short, any advice is welcome!

I trust in you!

Thank you and good photos at all!

Source: www.tripadvisor.it

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We got this camera today for our DD who

Wanted a waterproof camera.
It has crappy reviews on Amazon but she loved it! The guy at Best Buy gave it to us for $125 (was $180) because we were buying another camera.
Anyhow, if your kid loves to take pics and wants to take underwater pictures, we got some GREAT shots in the pool today and we were really happy with the color and clarity of the pictures.

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