Rumors: Canon will launch medium format camera.

August 19, 2013 – 00:00

According to the website Peta Pixel,a giant photograph should invest in a medium format camera in 2014.


Rumors in the photography world are strong: Canon should release a medium format camera (MF) in 2014.

Who gave the news was the site Peta Pixel and they believe that the medium format camera from Canon will be released in September next year at the fair of photography Photokina in Germany.

The medium format cameras are best known in movies. The market leaders are the trademarks and Mamiya Roleflex.They led,for the most part,films known as 6x6 (6cm by 6cm).

This type of machine has been widely used by professional events (such as weddings and birthdays) for producing an image with better quality in the expansion.

The sensor captures the new Canon MF should be square (such as film) and CMOS technology.Apparently,the machine will come with many technological advantages over existing MF's digital market.

Another thing is that the brand is expected to launch dedicated some lenses,but also get adapters to use lenses existing in DSLR's.


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Should I buy a refurbished digital camera?

I noticed I can buy a refurb Canon Digital Rebel with lens for about $500 plus shipping from online vendors with 90-day warranty. Has anybody had experience with buying a refurb digital SLR? There are a lot of moving parts and electronics, so I'm wondering if a refurb is OK.
On eBay and CL, people sell this same camera kit used for about $600.
The 6mp Rebel is a discontinued item, and I haven't seen any closeouts. I guess they're all gone.

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I finished Art school and went over to London and assisted advertising and fashion guys for a couple of years, I traveled and explored some incredible cultures and peoples with my camera during that time. .. AT: A Canon F1 – which was stolen from our car!

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  • Avatar askmeanything13 What would be the best professional digital camera for me?
    Jun 15, 2009 by askmeanything13 | Posted in Cameras

    I'm going to be moving to London, England for a year to travel and work and I want to buy a nicer camera. The canon rebel has caught my eye, but I want to know if there is a better camera for my situation that could save me a little money.

    • I had exactly the same question last week! Similar circumstance too! My wife and I are going to Warwick, England for an 11-day vacation and wanted a better camera... Here's what we bought: Canon XSi, alittle more costly then their base model but it was the best bang for our buck.... Plus its a Canon.

  • Avatar Sarah Smith How much will I pay for a Canon 5D mark 2 in London?
    Jan 13, 2012 by Sarah Smith | Posted in Cameras

    I'd like to buy a canon 5D mark 2.
    Does anyone know any good places to go (im new to the country) and what sort of price I will be looking at. This is definitely the camera I'm looking at (not 7d, not 60d etc) so only prices for this.

    Thanks for your help!

    • £1522.94 at Calumet as well (link 1) and I'd certainly recommend them since I use their Manchester branch. They have 2 shops in London, e.g. link 2.

      Don't use SLRhut who you may find offering cheaper prices. Their prices don't include tax at 20% and the product is unlikely to be UK market, link 3.

  • Avatar Frans Where can i find good accesories for a G11 canon?
    May 16, 2011 by Frans | Posted in Cameras

    I have a camera g11 canon and I would like to buy an adapter and eventually a lens (fisheye). the "specialists" of canon in tottenham court road (London) don't know where to find and in one of the shops they suggested me not to buy a canon adapter cause is too expensive and it works only with canon lenses. could someone give me some info about the adapter and lenses and where can I find them?

    • The Canon Filter Adapter FA-DC58B
      is available at
      site lists it as compatible with the G12.
      According to
      is compatible with the G10, G11, and G12.
      At the site it is £47.90
      At it is $39.00. I have not looked into the shipping charge to the UK if you get it from BH Photo.