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Around that age I got my kids AIPTEK cameras

I felt they provided reasonable quality at a low cost. I used one when I traveled internationally. Too fancy a camera attracts scary people in some places. Watch for them to go on sale at walMart or Target.
For a kids camera consider one that is waterproof, so they can take it to the water park or get caught in the rain and not ruin it,

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Kodak Kodak Sport Disposible Camera, 27 Exposure, Waterproof up to 50 feet
Photography (Kodak)
  • Divers and snorklers, capture the vibrancy of life 50 feet underwater.
  • No blurry pictures from sunscreen smudges; Avoid scratches from sand and snow that can ruin pictures.
  • Rugged, durable, shock-proof rubber shell.
  • Great for bumpy rides and rocky trails.
  • Stocked with Kodak MAX Versatility Plus 800 Film
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  • Avatar Hannah What is the cheapest, best underwater digital camera?
    Jul 19, 2012 by Hannah | Posted in Cameras

    I'm looking for an underwater digital camera thats £40 or under, of course I won't be expecting super shots, but just something that works, preferably something that has a memory card slot as I've heard a lot of underwater cameras, if you lose battery life, you lose all your photos.

    Whats the best camera?

    • The least expensive (cheap refers to poorly constructed things) underwater camera is probably the Nikon S30 about £75 on Amazon UK.

      The best may be the Nikon AW100 (with built-in GPS) at about £220

      "... if you lose battery life, you lose all your photos"

      This is NOT true since memory is non-volatile and do not need power to keep images in memory

  • Avatar Joe What is the best underwater digital camera (that doesn't need housing)and it cant be above 400$?
    Jun 24, 2008 by Joe | Posted in Cameras

    I want and underwater digital camera thats a bit cheap but still good because i want it for my cruise because im goin snorkelling and last time I went i really wanted to take pictures because it was so beautiful and NO HOUSING PLEASE because its only for snorkellling and there are a few old questions but i was seeing if there was something new out threre? please help PLEASE

    • I recently went on a vacation myself and needed a water proof and sand proof camera also. After reading numerous user reviews, and comparing both the Olympus sw series and the Pentax waterproof cameras, I decided on the …s a great family camera also. My kids play with it in the pool all the time,and have come out with some really great pics that weren't possible before. I definitely recommend the Olympus SW series, which ever you choose.

  • Avatar Bill D What kind of scuba/underwater digital camera should I buy for a trip to Key West?
    Oct 12, 2008 by Bill D | Posted in Swimming & Diving

    I am going scuba diving next month and want to buy an underwater digital camera. Any suggestions? I have no experience with taking underwater photos so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • If you have a point and shoot, many companies make watertight housings for that, and they are pretty cheap compared to the dslr housings. there are even universal bags with a lens port to use that are decent. if you have the money and want to continue this hobby (which can be very rewarding and profitable) look at sea and sea brands. they have great gear and decent prices. good luck.

  • Avatar computerboy211 What is a good and cheap digital camera to purchase?
    May 14, 2009 by computerboy211 | Posted in Cameras

    What do you guys suggest?
    Looking in the range from cheapest - possibly 200 (ebay gives good deals lol)

    I saw this underwater digital camera that seemed cool, but not sure how the regular picture quality is.

    Also found this one: Fuji FinePix Z20fd that seems cheap and high MP.. not sure how it is.

    • Hi,

      You can make choice from below shown list:

      Kodak EasyShare M1033
      Nikon Coolpix S600
      Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS20
      Pentax Optio S12
      Canon PowerShot A1000 IS
      …viding will be better. Generally 5MP camera is enough to make big poster size picture for print.

      Also you can surf good deal sites to get those camera at cheaper rates:

      this will help you..