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August 28, 2013 – 22:31

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Like the photo and want to capture your best moments with a good camera rather compact digital? The best for you is a hybrid camera that allows you to make excellent digital images. Ticketmaster offers a selection of specialist brands of hybrid cameras.

Among digital cameras, hybrid cameras are compact cameras with large sensor with the undeniable advantage of being able to change lenses, it is inspiring for the SLR camera, as for some other criteria, such as the aperture and the game with the depth of field. If you like picture or want the freedom to change lenses, hybrid cameras are made for you. Another advantage, the hybrid camera keeps closer to that of the compact camera compact format. And you, dear customer, what do you look more particularly at this time hybrid camera photo, not expensive hybrid camera, olympus, hybrid cameras, nikon, hybrid camera, best hybrid camera photo, best hybrid camera 2013 canon camera 2013 hybrid, hybrid cameras cheap digital camera cheap camera hybrid, hybrid cheap device, hybrid photo, hybrid apn 2013 hybrid camera canon cheap hybrid, hybrid camera, hybrid camera cover photo, Olympus camera? Many models recognized devices hybrid cameras are available on Ticketmaster, one of the biggest brands such as Lumix, Canon, Olympus, Sony, or Samsung. Through Ticketmaster, and regular promotions, you can enjoy many discounts and sales to offer you low prices these digital cameras of excellent quality. And to save even, enjoy by Ticketmaster flash sales: then you'll be sure to find an expensive hybrid camera not. Watch now the complementary accessories such as seat covers, a lens or filters and save on shipping when ordering from your hybrid camera. Promotional offers from Ticketmaster also constantly renewed, There are always good deals on Ticketmaster. Simplify your life by making a habit to take a ride on Ticketmaster, !


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Olympus Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black)
Photography (Olympus)
  • 3-inch LCD display
  • 14 Megapixel
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • HD Video
  • Art Filters

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I'm just using an Olympus D-380 digital

So there's no film and no lenses for this one. I have to watch the light as this camera loves the light and doesn't do real well with dog faces that are shaded. That is very frustrating. There's no optical zoom (I don't like the quality of the digital zoom) so I really have to get in their faces for closeups. That's okay with me because it's pretty fun to be that close. But I really want one with an 8x or 10x optical zoom so I can get some shots that I am missing now.
I think this camera is fantastic for the money. It cost me about $200 and I think you can get it for less now.

Interview with Jonathan Blaustein of “The Value of a Dollar”  — PetaPixel
Jonathan Blaustein is the photographer behind the project “The Value of a Dollar“, which went viral on the Internet in 2010 and then was subsequently acquired by the State of New Mexico and the Library of Congress. Visit his website here.

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