Nikon Coolpix S210 - "Lens error" - Replacement Display

August 28, 2013 – 22:32

Nikon Coolpix S210 Disassembling A camera that does not work is always a thrill for me. It gives me so (and I feel entitled to do so) to disassemble the entire optics without the fear of not knowing how to reassemble ....

A mechanism tiny and delicate.Smontaggio display Coolpix S210

I passed through the hands this Coolpix S210 and I immediately set to work. Unfortunately, the machine had already been opened and several screws were missing but the "sense" of what I have to show there is everything.Nikon Coolpix CCD

Let's say that, with regard to a camera, there are two common tasks: screen replacement and replacement of the lens (or attempted repair in extremis).

1. Removing the cover

Unscrew the screws that are seen externally and separate the back from the rest of the machine.

2. Removing the Display

You should only remove the display and not the whole metal cage that contains it (with attention to the keypad side). At the sides of the cage, in fact, there are no screws visible but is covered by a display.Coolpix messa a fuoco Initially I had not noticed because, as I said, the camera had already been dismantled ...

Below I put a gallery with all the cables that must be removed from their slots. Are 3: What's display, the backlight of the display, and the keypad.

I have highlighted in red the hidden screw from the display that is used to remove the metal cage.

This, however, is an image of how it should look the camera body and the cage I mentioned having removed only the display.

3. CCD Sensor Removal

Thankfully Nikon has put the connector on the circuit board from the back of the camera (unlike the Canon Ixus 30 of which I had removed a long time ago). Just so remove the two screws highlighted in BLUE in the picture below and the cable from its connector.

4. Repair Optics

Note that I did not write "remove". Yeah, because, you can work comfortably with this light. I must say here that Nikon has done a very poor job. You can not remove the lens from the body because it is trapped by the electronic board that is soldered to the top ... Not being very handy with the soldering is not got me to unsolder and re-solder contacts ...

Now, a number of interesting information.

Before switching on, the camera does two important checks: the lens position, and the position of the lens focus. For example, even if the camera does not seem to show signs of life, ie, do not make efforts to try to bring the lens in the initial position (the crackling noise, for example) does not mean that he is not making an effort, in fact, put your ear to the car I could hear a slight noise electronic ...

The management of-focus, I believe, is the most difficult problem to manage. Fundamental is the position of the lever which raises the lens is correct. There is a small slit by which it must go through the extension ring that goes around the motor-driven screw.

In the picture below I show the problem that the article was to the camera, the small lever was out of his guide.

Nikon Coolpix Sensore CCD Ottica Coolpix Posizione degli ingranaggi


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    I have a kodak digital camera but I was thinking about buying a new one. I need one that is small and thin, not too small or too thin. I also need a big screen. If you have a camera that you recommend works best please tell me. All answers are appreciated.

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