Which camera to buy? Part 2: Compact

August 28, 2013 – 22:32

Rob Senior

All brands of photographic equipment today have a plethora of models of compact cameras available,and each week (not exaggerating,Ze) they launch new,more zoom,more megapixels and new functions that call attention seem super cool: face detector ,Smile Detection,Black and white photos that seem drawings,etc..Now,why this heavy investment in new?Simple: the target audience is the users who do not understand nothing of photography, but really want to push the button and go.The fun features to come to the feeling that the camera does more than expected.:)

The person who chooses to buy a compact camera usually does not seek professional quality, she really wants is to keep birthday photos,friends,day-to-day and the trip,and do books,essays or post on Flickr/500px.I'm not saying that anyone who has a compact can not post your photos on Flickr (I myself have a lot in mine),it is clear that it is possible to catch amazing with these models, but it takes experience,taste,notions framework,good angles and a post-production values.

Having read the series introduction that talks about 9 subjects you need to know before buying any camera,let's see the other specific compact:

Pros: They are small,lightweight,practical,inexpensive,great for outdoor environments (lots of lights),considerable sensitivity options (ISO) and no thief will be interested in stealing it,because profit will not have anything.

Cons: Do not do the trick in places with less light,even indoors in most sunny days you'll probably need to use flash to stabilize images.The manual mode is usually very limited (rarely offer speed and aperture settings),the flash is either too strong or too weak,and the sensor is too small to handle the amount of megapixels exaggerated what the market offers.

Choose cameras with optical zoom at least 3x,forget the digital zoom (as we saw in the introduction ) and flee from it do not make any of them,you may find that zoom is not as important but when you need it and not have it,will not be able to grieve .

As the compact are often used for photos with family and friends,the lenses need to account for "catch" everyone in the photo,and for that,the viewing angle of the camera needs to be wider. Ideally,the value of the focal length is between 24 to 28mm (written on the lens),many cameras are adapting to these values.Most models is in the range of 35mm,which is not bad,you will only need to walk a little further back to get fit everyone at the click.

Give preference to the cameras that have controls over aperture,shutter speed,ISO,etc,because even now you just want to point and click a day can tire the automatic results and want to work a little harder in the photos.Few compact offer these options,and when they offer,become more expensive a bit,but it costs about search.

I said there in cons that while you are in your room in a super sunny day,your camera can sin and make the photo blurry.A good image stabilizer can solve the problem,but make no mistake,it has a limit, there is no compact stabilizer that can stop a child frantically dancing at a party at night (for example) without the flash to help.

Source: melhorangulo.com

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