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Steven J. Sasson ( EE. States. , 1950 ) is an electrical engineer and inventor of the digital photo camera .

Educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI, its acronym in English) in Troy, New York , where he earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering, the company joined Eastman Kodak in 1973 as an electrical engineer on a research laboratory.

His invention had its origin in 1975 , when his then boss at the company Eastman Kodak , Gareth A. Lloyd, a task assigned quite general: Could build a camera using solid state electronics, an electronic sensor such as CCD , which collect information optic?

Texas Instruments Inc. had designed in 1972 an electronic camera without film, but it was not digital, served as an analog electronic system. After researching vainly books on digital photography, Sasson resorted to what was more accessible: an analog to digital components adapted from Motorola , an optical film camera and a tiny CCD Kodak released by Fairchild Semiconductor in 1973 .

He started to build the digital circuit from scratch, using measurements of a scope as a guide. There were no images to do until the complete prototype (a device of 3.6 kg and the size of a toaster) was assembled. In December 1975, Sasson and his chief technician persuaded a lab assistant to pose for them. The black and white image, captured at a resolution of 0.01 megapixels (10, 000 pixels), took 23 seconds recorded on a digital cassette and another 23 in playing from a reading unit on a TV. Then appeared on the screen.

"You could see the silhouette of her hair-Sasson said, but his face was a blur of static. Far from being satisfied with the picture, it was saying that we had to work harder". But he already knew the solution: turning over a series of wires, the assistant's face was restored.

In 1978 , Sasson and Lloyd were granted patent number U.S. 4, 131, 919 for their digital camera. Kodak did not market this technology until 1991 , when his Digital Camera System (DCS, its acronym in English) put together a 1.3 megapixel Kodak sensor with a camera body Nikon F3.

Kodak digital cameras have evolved over the years. In 1995 , the company launched its first digital compact camera (of limited portability): the Kodak DC40.

Sasson is now devoted to protecting the intellectual capital of the company he still works, Eastman Kodak.

In 2007 , he joined the CE Hall of Fame, created in 2000 by the Association of Consumer Electronics (CEA in its acronym in English), living organization responsible for CES - to honor the pioneers of this industry and has over 110 members, which include inventors, engineers, businessmen and journalists in the industry. His devotion electronics Sasson was to create the first prototype of a technology that has become a huge sales force and has revolutionized the way we take pictures. In 2008 he received the culture prize of the German association of photography . In 2010 he received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in the U.S. from President Barack Obama.


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Some thoughts ...

I am looking for a semipro digital camera and here are some of the things I am looking at:
- Lense system quality - no matter how good the sensor, if the lense isn't top rate, the picture will be imperfect. Note a zoom lense requires motion stabilization. This is the same primary criteria that film cameras have.
- A large and sensitive image sensor with good low light characteristics but broad light level range.
- a good image processor with excellent compression algorithms.
- A decent size image sensor [more than 6 MP].
- of course there are also the ergonomic factors

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