Canon 1100D: Good, if cheap ...

August 28, 2013 – 22:31

[The photographs illustrating this article are ,ni.c ,Leni McPoopies ( other ),brackbear ,TenZeroNine,Mark Philpott and worki under License Creative Commons] It's no secret the "crazy lost" I am for the Nikon,Canon brand but all the respect I deserve.It's a great company that has produced great gems about SLR cameras,and especially who has managed to bring very high performance (including the famous Full Frame sensors) amateur user relatively tight budget.

My admiration for this brand has led me to try and recommend several of its digital SLR cameras.Among its range for amateur users there is a camera I have recommended it to many readers of the blog and of which I have received nothing but positive reviews: The Canon EOS 1100D (also known as Canon Rebel T3).

What type of user?

The Canon 1100D is a great camera with many limitations of course (as any chamber equipped).If we leave the ideal user profile for it,1100D becomes an almost perfect machine that covers everything that the user expects from it.

If you are looking to buy a digital SLR camera is important that values,first,if you're the type of user "ideal" for this camera.From my point of view the 1100D is the ideal camera for:

  • People with shoestring.
  • People who are going to play an SLR for the first time.Opt In Image
  • People who do not plan to spend the professional field (or at least not in the short term).

Features and Specifications

As always,if you want to know in detail all the features of this camera you can find on any page or blog.Here what I'm going to explain are the points in my point of view that make it a little gem:

Price: There are compact and bridge cameras that cost more than 500 euros and I'm not exaggerating.Here we are talking about a full-fledged SLR camera whose price is below 400 euros.The biggest complaint I get from those who want to take the plunge into the world's first SLR of prohibitive prices of DSLR,which is true forever.Well,almost always,seeing the exception of the Canon 1100D

Megapixel: It has the right amount of megapixels that the average amateur user needs: 12MP.Generally we sell twice as expensive cameras offering in return many more megapixels,which does not really serve us all.It's like we gastásemos a fortune on a car that runs 900km / h when deep down we will not drive more than 120KM / h.With the megapixel is the same. 12MP is perfect.(More on the great deception of the manufacturers of cameras in this article ).


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Affordable digitalSLR or digital camera ,etc

This is not too easy, but there might be an answer. In short, the digital SLR's are over $700, the manual zoom digicams are about the same price and not much smaller but have less depth of field control. They're often slower also, but have longer range lenses.
The only really fast smaller cameras I've found were the Ricoh Caplio and some Sony's, most smaller digital cameras seemd to have bad "shutter lag" delay between pressing the button and the shutter actually firing.
I am a wedding and event photographer, I use a $2000 Canon SLR but I'm looking for a cheap pocket camera and I haven't found what I'm looking for yet

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