Google Maps Views (Views): 360-degree panoramic photos

August 3, 2013 – 00:00

Google Maps Views Views

    A new section was opened in Google Maps and is called Views Views ie,how it works?Allows you to access content uploaded by users,360-degree panoramic photos that tell the territory thanks to clicks obtained from digital cameras as well as mobile / smartphone or tablet.On the other hand it will be very simple to contribute to this special mapping seen that modern phones not only allow you to save the panorama app with pre-loaded or downloaded,but also to geotag photos with the integrated GPS chip greatly facilitating the task at Mountain view.To give a little 'pepper initiative,Google will "sign" photos so you can choose and publish the most beautiful ones in the foreground,giving also a significant contributor to the showcase.

    Google Street View for diving the Great Barrier Reef [VIDEO]

    As a Google Street View mapping the seabed,devoted to flora and fauna of Oceania.The goal is to answer the question "In what state of health is the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea"?The possible answer will come from the scientific project Catlin Seaview Survey.This important expedition will be supported by Google that will provide technological support for an enterprise truly extraordinary.The mapping 360 degree panoramic therefore,of the 2400 km of extension and depth of 100 meters of this vital ecosystem.Will be made ​​available through a sort of underwater diving camera,panoramic version very similar to the one mounted on the Google Car that roam the streets of the world for the service Google Street View.The big news of this scientific expedition is not so much the desire to map extended to the Great Barrier Coral off of Australia ,as the ability to perform a sort of underwater version of Google Street View.Sub groups will take turns and work simultaneously to capture 360 ​​degrees all outstanding barrier to a depth of 100 meters.It will be a way to find out how it has changed the 'ecosystem among the most important in the world,a kind of lung submarine that has been deeply damaged by global warming and increasingly acidic waters.It will be a way to show and tell the results of observation in a way that is easily accessible to all users who will benefit from a connection to the web.

    The shipment Catlin Seaview Survey will use a special camera called SVII room capable of capturing images at 360 degrees traveling at a speed of 4 km / h.Therefore mount a propeller that will allow the sub-operator to move with agility by saving an image every 4-6 second intervals.A little ' as the panoramic cameras of the Google Car .The design should be completed in September 2012.To the profile and has been used for hydrodynamic the perfect profile of the shark. "The shipment Catlin Seaview Survey comprises a series of studies that will target the general public to recount the last frontiers of the Earth: the oceans - says the head of the team of researchers,Ove Hoegh Guldeberg - for the first time in history we possess the technology to the dissemination of results through Google. "

    seaview room


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