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August 28, 2013 – 22:32

CES 2010 - Olympus: Two new FE-series digital cameras

Digital Cameras from Olympus

The Olympus was founded in 1919 as Takachiho Seisakusho in Japan, thirty years later it was renamed Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.. The company has developed world over the decades to become a leading specialist in the field of optical and digital products. In Europe, 47 subsidiaries the company.

The Olympus PEN cameras are among the so-called system cameras. These represent a further development of the SLR dar. The advantage of the Olympus PEN cameras is that they no longer work with a built-in mirror, but work with a special sensor. This allows the world's fastest shooting, which must not be omitted sharpness and quality. Olympus PEN cameras can be combined, as they also feature a bayonet connection with different lenses. But they are not as bulky as the digital SLR, but are well in hand. Also the weight and especially from the price they are a real alternative to digital SLRs .

The Olympus E-5 is a digital SLR camera, which was first developed completely according to the aspects of digital photography. This is the case in all the Olympus models. Previous digital SLR cameras based mostly on the analog version, which was supplemented by appropriate features. The Olympus E-5 not only provides high quality recordings - and with a resolution of just 12 megapixels - but also has an excellent video recording program. However, this is standard in all new Olympus cameras. The Olympus E-5 but short films have picked up, which have a maximum length of 14 minutes.

New products from Olympus also called bridge cameras Olympus sp-610 uz sp-800 and Olympus are uz. This feature - like the SLR Olympus E-5 also - by a wide selection of scene modes from. So shots are possible, for example in pinhole optics, as well as line drawing as pop art paintings. The 610 uz still shines simultaneously with the punk scene modes, and water colors. If you like experimenting, but would like to have a camera which is a DSLR equal, should buy one of these two models. Especially since they are also much cheaper than digital SLRs.

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I'm just using an Olympus D-380 digital

So there's no film and no lenses for this one. I have to watch the light as this camera loves the light and doesn't do real well with dog faces that are shaded. That is very frustrating. There's no optical zoom (I don't like the quality of the digital zoom) so I really have to get in their faces for closeups. That's okay with me because it's pretty fun to be that close. But I really want one with an 8x or 10x optical zoom so I can get some shots that I am missing now.
I think this camera is fantastic for the money. It cost me about $200 and I think you can get it for less now.

Interview with Jonathan Blaustein of “The Value of a Dollar”  — PetaPixel
Jonathan Blaustein is the photographer behind the project “The Value of a Dollar“, which went viral on the Internet in 2010 and then was subsequently acquired by the State of New Mexico and the Library of Congress. Visit his website here.

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