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Canon (2374) was established in May 21, 1965, the early years in order to obtain distribution rights in Japan Canon, Canon's corporate channel business expand to agent-based office business machines. Nissho 1993 Canon Inc. became one of the shareholders of the Company, January 16, 1995 stock listing.

January 1, 2003 merger Civil Technology, the company officially entered a new era of production and business territory formally divided into career paths, optoelectronics business, and investment undertakings.

Our main products (services) project for digital cameras and camera module manufacturing and sales, digital camera sales are mainly in ODM / OEM brand companies in Asia, Europe and America, the main customers include Casio (Casio), Samsung (Samsung) and Nikon, and a joint venture with the Pentax lens factory.

2007 Asus announced the swap, get the Canon 13 percent stake Following ASUS NB, motherboards, mobile phones, game consoles, barebones, graphics cards, and related components, the layout of the digital camera field, and ASUS NB Cam and mobile phone camera modules layout more complete.

Another Canon holds 20% of the Ying-hua, with chassis stamping technology, which is expected to become the Asus component suppliers, and Canon shares 3% of the PC on the odd distributors, has become its own brand products ASUS path role of cooperation between the two sides more closely.

Later in the combined Pulitzer Hon Hai, Hon Hai for support services in the mobile phone lens quite favorable, while Asustek shares Canon, the same phone for ASUS NB and punching the lens and cabinet support, can also be quite complementary.

The company shipped 12.1 million the year 2007 units, 2008 shipments of 13.5 million units in the OEM and ODM, the 2007 proportion of shipments of approximately 2:8, respectively 3:7, 2008 years, mainly to add a Fujifilm ODM customers, in addition to the original OEM customers Casio, in addition to the original OEM orders, 2008 New ODM Model, another two ODM customers, Nikon, Samsung and channel OEM orders are also continuing, shipments in 2008 was primarily driven by Fujifilm and Casio.

2009 1st to 4th quarter shipments were 2.1 million units, 3.1 million units, 4.6 million units and 5.4 million units. 2009 shipments of 15.2 million units, compared with 13.5 million units in 2008, the annual increase of 12.6%.

DSC assembly clients include Nikon, Casio, Olympus, Samsung, Fujifilms and OEM clients.

2010 Japanese fabless DSC factory since 2009 in the proportion of 40% to 50%, plus Samsung has recently continued to expand market share, and there is an opportunity to add Sony orders.

First quarter of 2010, digital camera shipments was 478 million units, with an estimated annual shipments reach 230 million units, nearly 5 percent annual growth, maintaining the leading global digital camera OEM.

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I noticed I can buy a refurb Canon Digital Rebel with lens for about $500 plus shipping from online vendors with 90-day warranty. Has anybody had experience with buying a refurb digital SLR? There are a lot of moving parts and electronics, so I'm wondering if a refurb is OK.
On eBay and CL, people sell this same camera kit used for about $600.
The 6mp Rebel is a discontinued item, and I haven't seen any closeouts. I guess they're all gone.

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Changes include a new image sensor, brighter lens, faster DIGIC 6 image processor, higher-res LCD, refined Wi-Fi feature set, new battery pack, and slightly better battery life.

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  • Avatar No_Answer Is it problem with my digital camera?
    Apr 24, 2010 by No_Answer | Posted in Cameras

    I have a Canon digital camera (powershot A530). For sometime now, whenever I replace the batteries …. Is it a problem with my camera? I was using 1.5 v batteries and sometimes rechargeable 1.2 v batteries as well. Is it a problem because of having used different types of batteries? Or some other problem with my camera?

    • Since you have used different batteries, you may well have a camera problem where your camera is somehow draining the battery power too quickly.

      I would contact Canon and see if they can be of help, I found this 800 number: 1-800-OK-CANON

      Hope this helps.


  • Avatar PuzzledGuy What is wrong with my digital camera?
    Sep 22, 2008 by PuzzledGuy | Posted in Cameras

    I have a Canon SD20 digital camera. It is really nice and even though it's older, it takes really gre …arge the battery, overnight even to make sure it's fully charged, but after taking like 3 or 4 pictures it's giving me that low battery signal again. It used to last forever almost. Any suggestions on what I should do?

    • May be you shoud buy a spare Canon SD20 battery pack

      it seems the battery code is nb-3l right ?

      you can buy uk :Canon SD20 battery
      the usa shop Canon SD20 battery

  • Avatar Xenu What is wrong with my digital camera?
    Feb 04, 2009 by Xenu | Posted in Cameras

    I bought a canon powershot digital camera a couple of months ago, that I've used maybe 3 …yone know what it would cost to fix this problem? It kind of pisses me off because I take really good care of it, it's practically brand new, and now it doesn't work.
    It is fully charged so it can't be the battery.

    • If the power button is really broken and it's out of warranty, it will cost more to repair than to replace. Holding down the power button would not make a difference, but could really cause a problem as it could give a d …air for software-using devices is reset by removing power ... VCR/DVD players one month.

      Click this link for other camera tips and complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

  • Avatar ♥RickySrsWife♥ What are the LONGEST LASTING rechargeable batteries for digital cameras?
    Dec 15, 2006 by ♥RickySrsWife♥ | Posted in Other - Electronics

    I have a Kodak Z700 and it eats thru batteries... I am not talking about the disposable kind. I have "Kodak Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries 2100mAh" Ni-MH AA HR6 1.2V I fully charge these on the charger and when I … crazy because I thought these batteries were specifically for digital cameras! I want to know which kind of rechargeables last the longest so I don't go out and buy a whole new set with charger and get the same problem.

    • I'm not sure what kind of batteries you should try but i read that if you put a batteries in a flashlight and turn it on till the batteries wear all the way down before recharging them again, this helps them charge fully for the next time